Turf Care Equipment Suppliers UAE - About Us

We offer top quality American and European Manufacturers, a professional Western managed marketing, sales and service team, to promote, sell and maintain their products across the entire Middle East.

Hydroturf International LLC was created in 1995 to provide and support top quality products and services to the growing Middle Eastern golf, tourism and landscaping sectors.

From a single office start in Dubai, we also now have our own offices in Cairo, Riyadh, Doha, Abu Dhabi, Amman and Muscat. We sell through dealers in Bahrain, Kuwait, Iraq and Pakistan.

No other company in our business offers customers from Egypt, across the gulf, to Pakistan, this range of superior quality products and after sales support.

We Supply :

Golf Irrigation Service

Turf Care Equipments

Flowtronex Xylem Pumps

Toro Irrigation Equipments

Trojan Batteries

Electric Gulf Utility Vehicles

Golf Club Cars

Water Management Systems

Paige Electric Cables

Landscaping Services


bullet RO desalination
bullet Pumps
bullet Irrigation
bullet Turfcare machinery
bullet Golf & utility vehicles
bullet Batteries
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