Hydroturf's philosophy is to operate our own office in the larger markets, or to place trained employees with
local dealers in the smaller markets.

We believe that this combination of quality Hydroturf managers and local dealers, provides our products with
a competitive advantage. Based on the per capita income, the population of the country and the priority to
landscape and beautify their environment, we have created our own offices in eight locations.

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  • Colin Baxter
    Managing Director
  • Ken Lovelady
    General Manager, Egypt
  • Shaju Lonappan
    General Manager,
  • Marwan Hurani
    General Manager,
    Levant and Northern Gulf
  • Brian Mason
    General Manager, Dubai
    Machinery & Club Car
  • Andrew Mellon
    General Manager, Qatar
  • Zaid Balqez
    General Manager, Jordan
  • img
    Marwan Hurani Bsc Ag,
    General Manager, Levant and Northern Gulf

    Marwan has a wide regional knowledge having worked in Jordan, UAE, Kuwait, Iraq, Bahrain, Tunisia, Oman, Egypt, USA and Europe.
    A Jordanian national, he has a BSc in Ag. Engineering from the Cranfield Institute of Technology (CIT) in the United Kingdom. Marwan has over 20 years of experience in a wide variety of irrigation products.
    Marwan joined Hydroturf in 1999, when Ken Lovelady moved to Egypt as our GM. He was based initially in the UAE and then moved to Doha in 2002 as GM, to head up our new Doha office.
    Marwan moved in 2013 to Jordan to help develop our sales in Jordan, Iraq and Kuwait.

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