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Ingersoll Rand Club Car is the world’s largest manufacturer of golf and utility vehicles.

Hydroturf has represented Club Car since 1995 and now distributes products in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Iraq and Jordan.

With over 50 grass golf courses in Egypt and the Gulf, Hydroturf has a 94% market share for Club Car. In addition, Club Car is also the preferred product for prestige hotels, airports and industrial premises.

Club Car, from A-Z, from airports to zoos, the undisputed market leader in the Region.

Hydroturf has recently developed a strong relationship with Solar Drive which produces effective Solar power solutions. As Energy sources and usage become more important, the use of Solar power increases as an attractive energy alternative.





Katameya, Egypt
Jumeirah Golf Estates
Atlantis Hotel, Dubai
Dubai Airport
Dubai Marina
Royal Mirage Hotel
Doha Asian Olympics
Al Cham Palace, Damascus
Bahrain Royal Golf Course
Kuwait Sahara Course
Taba Heights, Egypt
Dubai Creek Course
Arabian Ranches
Burj Al Arab Hotel
Jolie Ville, Egypt
Golf City, Egypt
Emirates Golf Course