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Water Management Systems - Reverse Osmosis - Water Desalination UAE

Water management can be considered from the cleaning or purification of water, through to the distribution of water and beyond.

Hydroturf has represented Flowtronex (Xylem) pumping and TORO irrigation systems since 1995, so this is the distribution of water.

Since 2008, Hydroturf has also been offering reverse osmosis desalination systems which allows Hydroturf to manage the wider aspects of water purification.

3 of the top 5 global markets for sea water desalination are Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the UAE which are all in the gulf region. This 2008 decision, offers a logical expansion to Hydroturf’s existing regional pumping and irrigation expertise in a growth market for desalination.


Todia Farm, KSA
Pal Electronics, UAE
Royal Oman Police
MEW, Oman
Al Hayatt, UAE
Manro, Egypt
Morrison – Knudsen, KSA
DEWA, Dubai
Delma Island, UAE
Aryan, UAE
Travco, Mirage, Egypt
Ridgewood, Egypt
Al Nakheel, KSA
Stella Makadi, Egypt
MOD, Oman

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