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Hydroturf Packaged Pump Sets is a legally registered brand. This allows us to assemble high quality pump sets for the local irrigation market.

Water management is an increasingly important control of a key natural resource. The TORO Company’s golf course irrigation products are accepted as the Global market leader.

TORO is the only manufacturer of both ISO approved irrigation systems and of turfcare machinery. TORO … the market leader.

Ingersoll Rand’s Club Car is the world’s largest manufacturer of golf and utility vehicles. Hydroturf also supplies high profile specialist vehicles such as Garia.

Our factory trained technicians support a superb product range of market leading deep cycle, traction and lithium batteries.

The key to any successful trading company is after sales support and product servicing. We have over 70 after sales technicians supporting our pumps, irrigation, machinery, golf vehicles and battery products.

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